Notice Period

Maximise revenue

Change Notice Period

Notice periods or cut off times are here to avoid having last minute bookings and being unprepared for them.

Nevertheless, if someone has already booked, you might not want to have different cut off time as you want to accommodate as many people as possible.

Therefore, we have two notices, one if you have a reservation and one if you don't.

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Yield Pricing

optimise revenue

demand based pricing

The best way to maximize your revenue is to use demand-based pricing, which means you charge higher prices when you are busy, and lower prices when you are not.

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Minimum X People

don't operate at a loss

Minimum for first booking

There are certain costs that come with running a tour, and if you only have a few people, then you will be at a loss. We at TicketingHub have taken into consideration this issue when we added "minimum for the first booking" to our platform, meaning the first booking requires X people before single bookings are added on top.

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Grow your TripAdvisor Reviews


automatically grow reviews

You can automatically increase the number of reviews by sending your guests email and SMS messages asking them to leave a review on TripAdvisor as well as your Google page.

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Android App
iOS app


Demand-Based Pricing

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SMS reviews

increase reviewa

Demand-Based Pricing

According to studies, SMS has an open rate of 98%, compared with just 20% for emails; therefore, sending SMS review requests is more effective than sending email requests. Set them up now on TicketingHub if you haven't done so already.

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Email Automation

All customer communications, including confirmations, reminders, and feedback emails that grow your reviews are handled automatically by TicketingHub. In addition, we also engage with customers who have abandoned your shopping cart by sending them an email to see if we can persuade them to return. Furthermore, we are also able to support automatic SMS communications.

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Magic Link

Booking portal

Magic Link

Our clients love the magic link! The link enabled your clients to change their booking directly from their confirmation email. Yes, you heard us correctly. No more looking for your customer's booking, updating it for them, and sending them a confirmation email. Just send them your confirmation, and they will be able to modify their booking right away.

Are you concerned about your refund policy? We are, too, so you have full control over whether they cancel, transfer to a voucher, or rebook.

Watch our video here:

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